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Lottery Sambad Today 09-15-2019

Check Lottery Sambad Today 09-15-2019 online lottery sambad today draw 9/15/2019 result live and Lottery Sambad Today 09.15.2019. Lottery Sambad today’s 09-15-2019.

Lottery Sambad Today 09-15-2019

Lottery Sambad Today 09-15-2019 Morning, Evening and day Results

The winner of the first prize of this lottery will get Rs 25.06 lakh rupees, while the second and third prizes of lottery are 9000 and 500 rupees. There are also fourth and fifth prizes which are Rs 250 and Rs 120. This lottery is also 1000 years of rupees rupees, which is awarded more than one participant.

The results of the evening hockey evening evening lottery of Nagland, announced today the 8th Nagland State Lottery Department announced. The participants of this lottery can check http://www.nagalandlotteries.com/ at the official website of Nagland State Lottery.

The Nagaland Lottery Department has published a letter containing all the winners. Winners are advised to check out the results published in the wet before claiming their rewards.

After completing the necessary formal institutions, their respective prizes will be given by the director of lottery department. Participants must enter a form available on the website of Nagaland Lottery.

This form has the name of the details, name, post address, lottery name, prize amount, pan number, contact number and bank accounts such as bank details, IFS code, bank and branch. In addition, the participants of the Nagaland State Lottery will have to submit their claims of canceled checks and tax-reward.

Victims of prizes awarded by Nagaland Lottery can not be claimed with multiple or bad tickets, if they do so, they can prosecute the law of court according to the law of Nagaland.

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